Thursday, October 1, 2009

TNEA of the Month...sort of

So I had a girl in place for 'The Next Erin Andrews', somebody I saw on television who fit the bill quite nicely. However, I had never heard of her before, and when I went to find pictures online, I couldn't find any. Unfortunately, that's kind of an important aspect to this monthly feature. So, I'll have to keep her in mind, and perhaps get her in for a future honor. Let's just say she's in the volleyball world, and again, she has appeared on television as an analyst.

Now, I owe pictures. Well, how about I do you one better and go with video? But first, a picture. Without further ado...The Dallas Stars Ice Girls.

And now, a video daily double.

Enjoy. (I know B-Dubs will. That Dallas rascal.)

They can grab a microphone and replace EA know, if tragedy struck and they were needed.


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