Saturday, December 22, 2012

September 4th 2004: Greatness

The echoes. They give you chills, especially the first time.

BOOMER!! (Echoes)

SOONER!! (Echoes)


It is my first college football game in my 18 years on this earth and I stare in amazement at the crowd at the top row of the student section near the 50 yard line. I am joined by one of my best friends, Chance, who is still a senior in high school. The stadium, I am told, would rank as the 3rd largest city in Oklahoma when it is filled like it is at 11am on game day.

Our side of the stadium is in charge of yelling "Boomer" and the other side, after some echoes, yells back "Sooner." The cheerleaders are in charge with their labeled signs so we will chant in unison. I have never experienced a sporting event, or really any event, like a college football game in Norman. But this story is not about this incredible event that occurs about seven times each fall in Norman. It is not to compare the Norman, Oklahoma experience to other college game day atmospheres. This story is about this particular day, September 4th, 2004. Oklahoma vs Bowling Green.

Expectations are high for this Sooner team. Coming off a disappointing two game losing streak last year and a National Championship runner up finish, we are a favorite to return to that final game. Almost every starter has returned including our Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jason White. Expectations are that this opening game will be a breeze, and so will many games this season. This story is really not about the 2004 season, or any returning starter for that incredible Sooner team.

The Bowling Green Falcons don't go very far on their opening possession and OU ends up with the ball on their own 40 after a punt. After few passes and a few runs the Sooners are already in the red zone and the crowd is buzzing. On trots the new true freshman running back people have been whispering about. I turn to Chance and say:
   I read an article in the school paper this week that this kid is a freak of nature. The team strength coach made him run drills in his high top shoes as soon as he unpacked his trunk of belongings. He ran two consecutive 4.4 40s and jumped 39". FREAK. 

His first run is for 3 yards to the left. He comes out of the game. Two plays later White hooks up with Mark Clayton for a touchdown, which will happen seven more times in the 2004 season. The score is 7-7 after the first quarter after an OU fumble and Bowling Green takes advantage of the short field. The crowd doesn't seem worried just yet, but you can tell nobody was expecting this.

The 2nd quarter starts and the freshman freak is back in for his 2nd career carry. He goes right, breaks one arm tackle, cuts back away from the sideline and explodes for 18 yards and taking down three Falcon defenders in the process. I look at Chance and he looks at me... not bad.  Next play he runs for a meager 3 yards to the left and fumbles out of bounds. He fumbled and Head Coach Bob Stoops doesn't seem to be a fan of that because that's the last we see of the freshman in the half. The 2nd quarter goes well for OU and the halftime score is 24-10, but this story really isn't about the final score of the game.

Halftime marks the beginning of a great tradition, the delicious foot long corn dogs at Owen Field.  The line is pretty long and we miss the first two possessions of the 2nd half. The score is still 24-10 about five minutes into the 3rd quarter. That freak freshman must be out of the Stoops doghouse because he runs over a few defenders up the middle for a healthy six, then three to the left the next play. Two plays later White tosses another TD, and is well on his way to another fantastic season in which he finishes 3rd in the Heisman race.

The extra point is no good and then the Falcons go three and out. When OU gets the ball back the freshman fumbles, but recovers it. He gets yanked quickly, but his punishment is short lived as we see him back on the field a few plays into the next OU possession. The Sooners have made it to about the 35 yard line in Bowling Green territory and the crowd is a little amped after the last play went for 29 yards through the air. The next play took the crowd to a level I hadn't heard yet in that stadium.

   First down at the 35, just outside the 35 yard line. Peterson... the freshman... CUTTING BACK... HE'S GONNA GET THERE!!! FIRST TOUCHDOWN OF HIS CAREER. ADRIAN PETERSON.

Of course in the stadium I don't hear Terry Gannon's call, I just hear: "ohhh... yaaaa... YAAAAAA" followed by fans leaping rows and hugging complete strangers. After the pandemonium settles down, I lean over to Chance and say in my Billy Madison voice: He's good.

We walked out of that stadium knowing that Adrian Peterson was special and as a freshman was the best player on the field that day. He finished runner up for the Heisman (and probably should have won), therefore he doesn't have a statue outside of the stadium in Heisman Park.  I hope he gets a statue on campus somewhere, someday, so I can show it to my kids and talk about the greatest athlete I ever saw play in person.

We expected great things in the future and we ended up seeing great things.  I would be lying to you if I were to say I "expected" what we have seen over the last eight plus years, but it sure as hell hasn't surprised me.  This 2012 football season should go down as the greatest by a running back in NFL history. I hope he breaks Dickerson's record, but even if he falls short, he still has stamped his name in the conversation with Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders.

He leaves you shaking your head in disbelief, even though each incredible run is completely believable when you see that 28 is the one with the ball. It has been an absolute joy to watch.

On game day the echoes give you chills, but the images of AD on the field are the memories that last.


Sunday, February 13, 2011


All season, he quietly lurked beneath the surface of others universally considered real contenders. Underrated and underappreciated, the true master of his own domain continued to shrug off comparisons to the legend whose shadow cast not only over our protagonist, but the entire state of Wisconsin. It appeared for yet another year, it was going to be all hype machine in September, all pipe dream in January.

And then, he got on a roll.

And then, that roll just didn't stop.

And then, on February 6, he could finally call himself the greatest word in all of competition ... CHAMPION.

He should really call and thank Aaron Rodgers for all his contributions.

Lady and gentlemen, I present to you the elated face of your new Pick 'em Champion:

ADAM MERTZ (Mount Horeb, Wisc.)

(Oh, by the way, in that lengthy representation, Ben Worgull played the part of Brett Favre. So there.)

Mr. Mertz is the proud owner of 85 buckaroos and, absolutely more importantly, that sexy trophy that is probably no longer sexy after all the time it has spent in the Worgull residence. Oh, and Mertz's favorite NFL team is now Super Bowl champion. I guess that counts for something.

Congratulations as well to our runner-up, Joseph Rower. It'll be a nice monetary contribution to the Starving Future "Dr. Millionaire" Fund, but it comes at the price of a long offseason wishing, wanting, hoping for another chance at golden glory.

That concludes our 2010 Pick 'em Season. Another great year, everybody. Can't wait to do it again!

Oh, before we go, I see that Mr. Worgull is already hard at work doing his research in his attempt to become Three-Time-Out-Of-Four Champion:

Better luck next year, buddy. Hopefully, there will be a next year in the National Football League.

Have a good one!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Blake Griffin Dunk of the Week (January 17th)

I post this the evening after Blake Superior posted the high score for a single game this season with 47 points. Unfortunately, Blake did not have a dunk in this game.

So we will go with an emotional dunk against the dark side of the NBA... the Miami Heat. Enjoy!

And as always stay classy,


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tweets of the Week

This is my first rendition of Tweets of the Week. It will mostly be sports tweets and sometimes these will be compiled over a few days and sometimes two weeks. Sometimes only a handful of tweets and sometimes around 20.

For my first rendition, the tweets center around just a few sports events, but they are quite funny. So read away, and tweet me (@beamersooner) any candidates you may have for the next edition!

Amazing run by Marshawn Lynch. Shaun Alexander would have run out of bounds 11 times on that run.

If Marshawn Lynch's run happened against you in Madden, you'd throw your controller through the damn tv

I saw a run like Lynch's earlier this year when my son's midget league team played a kid who obviously used a fake birth certificate

Matt Hasselbeck is officially the Bishop in Caddyshack.

Matthew Hasselbeck, QB of 8-9 Seahawks: "What do you call the person that graduated medical school with the lowest GPA? A doctor."

Calling for Mark Sanchez to throw a deep ball at this stage, tonight, is dumber than putting foot fetish videos on the Internet.

Due to a long night of studying for his graduate degree at Ole Miss, Jeremiah Masoli won't be tuning in tonight. #bcs

Everyone who wants a playoff looks so stupid right now because this wouldn't be remotely exciting as the final game of a tournament. #BCS

Looks like Auburn is one half away from having to eventually vacate the BCS Championship

You think Urban Meyer is just laughing out of control in Nick Saban's face as they show that Alabama fumble vs. Auburn? #BCS

Michigan's 1st question to Les Miles: "If there are 35 seconds to go in the game, how many seconds are left in the game?

And finally, because the Marshawn Lynch run sparked many of these tweets... your video of the day:

Stay classy,


Saturday, January 8, 2011

News and Views (January 8th)

First off, on a day like this our thoughts and prayers should first be with the families and friends affected by the shooting earlier today in Tucson. Just a horrible tragedy that really puts things into perspective.

And on that happy note... lets get to the first News and Views of 2011!

Colorado stuns No. 8 Mizzou; Burks' 36 key
Still not going to get excited about College Basketball until AFTER football season. Sorry ESPN, your top story doesn't interest me. Side note:ESPN stop pushing Women's college basketball on me... I will never watch it.

Sources: Nets' potential Melo deal needs Pistons
Because when you can create a new Big 3 with Melo and two over the hill stars in NEW JERSEY... you have to do it! Come on Melo... isn't this your dream!

Pitt exploits Kentucky miscues to claim bowl
Heard there were Kentucky fans painted up to spell "S-E-C!" Your team is so bad you resort to painting up for your conference? Should have spelled out "P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C"

Report: Torre in talks with Selig for MLB post
Thank You. Maybe we won't have to hear about where he may manage next year during every off-season.

Bucs pick up 2-year Morris option, source says
Because when you have the opportunity to prematurely extend a coach after a season when the team beat one opponent with a winning record... you have to do it!

Talking Sparano, Dolphins express regret
Because when you go after a new coach because you are unhappy with your old one and that fails... you have to extend the old coach for 2 more years! You have to do it! (Do you see the pattern of sarcasm?)

Source: Stanford looks in-house for new coach
Cue the Conan "in the year 2000........": The new coach leads Stanford to another 10-win season behind Andrew Luck, then loses 7 games in 2012 and is canned.

Brother of Ravens' Reed missing after river leap
Another sad story. Also, a lesson to kids, don't run from the police. Secondly, there is no doubt in my mind that Ed Reed will channel his sorrow/anger and have a monster game on Sunday.

Arizona delays game after congresswoman shot
Rightfully so. (see top of the post)

A few posts I am working on for the week: "Twitter Posts of the Week" and "Blake Griffin Dunk of the Week," possibly more.

As always, stay classy,


Friday, January 7, 2011

First Riverside Rants of 2011

New Year’s Day. 2011.

I’ve been thinking about some reasonable resolutions for a few weeks now. More playing tennis. Less watching Family Guy DVDs for the 38th time. More cooking. Less mochas. More time reading books, less time reading updates on the Charlotte Bobcats (it’s good to get away from sports a little bit, even though it’s my job.)

Then I come up with another one: more blogging. I was super-committed to The Other B.S. Report during senior year (even during the all-important job search) and then into my first year at the Times (even when I was working my butt off trying to get comfortable). For whatever reason - and no, I don’t have a good one - I got away from it.

So it’s settled. 2011 resolution: more blogging.

But it would really help if I got my co-blogger involved. Let’s get Mr. Walnick on the horn, yes?

Turns out B-dubs beat me to the punch. Facebook post on Jan. 1: "New Year's goal. 200 posts between the two of us on the blog... and no less than 1 post a week.:"

200 posts? THIS YEAR?!?!

Love it.

Don’t know if we’ll reach it. But we will die trying. Okay, we won’t die. But we’ll try hard.

And to expand our horizons a little bit, we’re in the process of bidding adieu to good ol’ Blogspot. We both have enough friends who have started up websites or blogs of their own that it’s time we feel savvy enough to do the same. it is.

Kicking off the first Riverside Rants of the new year:

- At 6:03 p.m. on Dec. 18, the Davenport Assumption girls tipped off at Pleasant Valley.
- At 8:31 p.m. on Dec. 19, the North Scott boys tipped off with Rock Island at Augustana College.
- I only covered seven basketball games in between.
- That’s right. Nine basketball games, start to finish, in a 28-hour span.
- I like my job a little bit.

- The roughest part, actually, was then going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a week, having one of the greatest trips of our family’s history ... and then returning to reality. You literally feel unmotivated and a little depressed coming down from that high. The worst parts of vacations, definitely.
- But to relate our trip to a little bit sports, let me ask you people something.
- One of the days on the beach, my bros and I had hooked up with another family of three siblings (two girls and a guy, from Texas) along with two other guys from Michigan State. Eight of us had formed a volleyball team, and we were having fun playing some other teams, winning a couple and mostly losing while grabbing pitchers during our off-games.
- Late in the afternoon, this 6-foot-4, 25-ish guy wearing an AEP Sports shirt (we couldn’t figure out if that represented the same fraternity Dan belongs to) is out there and starts dominating everybody. And not just on the scoreboard. He was visibly pissed when other teams - okay, our team - was trying to (gasp!) have a little fun on the court. If one of our players missed a shot and we started laughing, he scowled. Heaven help us if we tossed the ball back to the other team’s server and it sailed wide.
- To kick off one game, he literally spiked a screamer into one of the MSU guys’ gut. The dude never smiled. He just wanted to kick everyone’s ass and show how good he was.
- The interesting part I noticed, as the sun began to set, was after 12 games of them on the court (because, of course, you keep playing until you lose in pickup, a stupid rule to begin with), I noticed that ALL FIVE OF HIS TEAMMATES had left. He simply grabbed different teammates and continued playing.
- Once he finally had enough, he grabbed his keys and sunglasses, and took off. By himself. He had no one else there with him, no friends or family or anything.
- Now I ask you: cool or not cool? It became kind of a talking point that night at dinner. One of the MSU guys is a tennis player like me, and we were each working up the courage to challenge AEP to step out on the hardcourt with us. See how he likes it when one of us sticks an overhead in his oblique.
- Of course, we didn’t do that. But is that really what you would want to do with YOUR vacation? Go out and dominate a bunch of amateurs in your preferred sport and suck the fun out of it for everybody?
- There. That’s my Riverside Rant of the Week, vacation-style. That was honestly the only potential down point of the whole time in Mexico (other than me getting sick at the end). What an unbelievable seven days we had.

- I’m not sure if John Clay was simply too gimpy to earn more than 11 carries in the game - and, impossibly, just four in the first three quarters - but that will be all part of the second-guessing. Montee Ball was excellent, and UW had a true three-headed monster at running back. But when the chips are on the table, in your biggest game of the year, your best player has to be your best player. That’s not just cliche, it’s truth.
- Scott Tolzien didn’t have his best game. Nick Toon made a few big plays, but that’s really been Toon’s issue, is being more of a big-play threat than a consistent possession guy who can take over entire drives or games.
- The more I watch No. 99 of the Badgers, the more I continue to think that hearing the words, “With the second pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select ... J.J. Watt, defensive end, Wisconsin” would the best pick they’ve made in a number of years.
- Go ahead and snicker. Heck, Broncos fans might not even know who Watt is. I’m just telling you, I’ve watched a lot of college football these past five years, and I’ve been watching pro football my entire life, and every single team in the National Football League could use a J.J. Watt on their team.
- Put it this way: Trevon Hughes once said of Michael Flowers, “he just runs on oil, he don’t eat no food.” Watt plays every game like he just sucked Alaskan pipelines dry before the coin flip. Can’t speak for defensive linemen in the SEC or Pac-10, but if I’m an NFL team, I’d take Watt over Iowa’s Adrian Clayborn and probably even Purdue’s Ryan Kerrigan.
- It was a year to remember for Wisconsin fans. Judging from immediate reaction on the part of the Badgers, it might not have been enough. That team wanted 12-1, not 11-2.

- What a mess Pittsburgh has on its hands. Mike Haywood gets hired to coach the football team because he fits “in line with the values of this great university."
- A few weeks later, he’s fired for being arrested on domestic charges. Guess that doesn’t fit in line with Pittsburgh’s values.

- Of course, we’re speaking of the University of Pittsburgh. There’s a certain quarterback for the professional team in town that’s wondering why Haywood was fired.
- (Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all week!)

- Next week, check out the blog for my take on the Dreadful Denver Nuggets and why their successful run is over.

- Also, pretty soon, I’ll finalize my 5th Annual Sportsman of the Month column. I want to see if I can do one of those every year until 2060 or I’m in the ground. Whichever comes first.

- Thanks for all your support, guys and gals. We hope you enjoy the new blog, and stay in touch whenever possible. I miss most of yous.

- In general, I am supremely motivated for 2011. It was my high school hockey jersey number. Odd years have always been my years. Let’s have a great 12 months.

Have a good one.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BCS Playoffs (revisited)

2010. The year that it seems the BCS has gotten it right. The two top teams made the BCS Championship game. Too bad it doesn't work every year. So let's take some time (and tweak) my post from over two years ago, of a potential system for a BCS playoff.

Ok here we go:

A) All BCS conferences should have conference championship games.

The Big-12 will lose it's conference championship next year, and I hate it. I don't care if some conferences have less teams, it is unfair to have some BCS teams win their league without a conference championship game. So let's make it happen.

B) Two AT-Large teams

I like the BCS rankings. I think 95% of the time, it gets it right. One gripe I have with it, is that the human pollsters are so dumb I wonder sometimes if they watch football. But we will keep the BCS standings as a starting point.

The two BCS at-large teams will be: 1) The highest ranked BCS team that didn't win its conference (This year would be Stanford); and 2) A non-BCS team selected by a play in game. The play-in game will be played on the Thursday night of conference championship weekend (typically the first week of December). It will be between the two highest ranked non-BCS conference teams. Should be exciting, no?

For example, this year we would have seen TCU play Boise on national television on Thursday. Then Friday night we get a double header: the Big-East championship game, then the Pac-10 Championship game. Saturday we get FOUR games (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC). Starting at noon with the ACC, 300PM SEC, 6PM Big 10, and 9PM Big 12 (all times Eastern). Who isn't excited about those three days of football?

C) Rank the teams according to BCS rankings and place them in 8 team playoff with home games for Round 1.

Best ranked against the worst ranked. Second best ranked against the second worst etc....

Let's take this year's standings: #1 Auburn would host Big East winner UConn. #2 Oregon would host #13 Va Tech. #3 TCU would host #7 Oklahoma. And #5 Wisconsin would host #4 Stanford (at-large from BCS conference cannot host game).

D) Winners face off in 2 BCS bowls at pre-determined locations.

Lets say all of the higher ranked teams win. Auburn plays Stanford and TCU plays Oregon. These games are placed at the most geographically logical location. For example, if the Fiesta Bowl and Sugar bowl are the options. Oregon and TCU would go to Fiesta and Auburn and Stanford would go Sugar. Even if it is far for a team (in this case Stanford), the game MEANS something. They will travel to see their team with a shot to make the championship.

E) National championship is played during the weekend between the conference championships and the Super Bowl in the NFL.

Move the NFL Pro-Bowl (awful idea anyways) and play this game in the gaping hole of a weekend with no football.

This will be played in one of the remaining two BCS location. Just like the current system. The BCS locations will rotate each year. The only question is the 4th BCS location. Either a 3rd place game, or a completely at-large selection. Maybe if its the Orange Bowl they select Arkansas and Ohio State. I'm fine with either option but it needs to be decided on permanently for every year.

F) The schedule will work with school.

Quarterfinals: First week after school is out. (Weekend before Christmas)
Semifinals: (New Years week)
Championship: (Between AFC and NFC championship and Superbowl) This might be the first week of school but not a big deal.

So I think I covered it. BCS makes money, stadiums are filled, and the fans are happy. Less people will be upset because:

If you win your conference you are in the playoff. If you lose your conference but play in a tough conference (i.e. Stanford) you still have a good chance of making the playoffs if you are highly ranked. At large teams have a legit shot at making the playoffs and wont always be the last ranked team. If your argument is the other bowl games become meaningless... aren't they already meaningless? They don't count towards a national title.

With this year's set up, both Oregon and Auburn have relatively easy passes into the semi-finals and other teams still get a shot.

What say you?

Stay classy,


Monday, December 27, 2010

The Poster Child

I try to keep a level head when discussing sports. I try not to be a homer. I am a Sooner bred and will be a Sooner dead, so I hope this does not come across as homerism:

Blake Griffin is the best rookie since Lebron and he might be better.

Feel free to put me in my place but I think this to be true. There is no doubt that he is the most exciting player to enter the league since Lebron. People tune into the Clippers for the first time in a LONG time just to see what he will do next. His in-game dunking is the best since vintage Vince Carter, and as my friend Josh says "Blake is better because he looks better doing it than Vince." Josh is a Texas fan... he hates the Sooners... but he claims Blake is his second favorite player in the league. Just like Kevin Durant is from Texas and is my favorite or 2nd favorite player.

Sure, he is an amazing dunker, his career highlights through 2 months of being a professional rival many of the top dunkers in the past 20 years, but does that make him a great player? Check out his numbers.

He has improved every month and is averaging over 21 pts and 12 rebounds per game. That is top 20 in the league and top 5 in rebounding. Only Kevin Love and Dwight Howard can say the same. He is better in both categories than some of the best in the league (see Pau Gasol). Did I mention that he is a rookie? By the way his December numbers: 22.4 and 13.5.

Other stats:
BG32 has 24 double doubles, which ties Dikembe Mutombo for the most double doubles in a rookie season before January 1st. (He also has 18 straight)

He leads the league in dunks with 71.
He is top 25 in FG%

Also, Lebron had less than 21 pts per game as a rookie. Just sayin....

The Clippers are relevant again, and it is because of Mr. Griffin.
Blake Griffin, making posters for kids across America... everyday.

Stay classy,


Thursday, December 16, 2010

NFL Power Rankings

First off, everyone needs to try this game that AJ put up. I scored a 57 out of 64, see if you can top that.

Second, there are only 3 weeks left in the NFL regular season, which means: A) The bookies definitely know what they are doing now, so just put your wallets away (Did you see how many backdoor covers there were last week?) and B) There is no better time to start my NFL Power Rankings!

So without further ado:

1) New England Patriots: I don't think there is much question that they deserve this spot.
Most of these rankings will be one-liners but Brady deserves some stat love.
Tom Brady has thrown 29 TD's and only 4 INT's. He hasn't thrown an INT since week 6 (but HAS thrown 19 TD's) when he threw two against the Ravens, his Kryptonite. His other two interceptions came at the Jets in week 2. In that game he forced the ball to Randy Moss with TEN targets, and Rex Ryan's defense made him pay for it. They have looked unstoppable in the past few weeks against those same Jets and in a blizzard against a tough Chicago defense. They have home field all but locked up and they look untouchable in Foxboro.

2) New Orleans Saints: Why rank them ahead of Atlanta? New Orleans has survived many injuries to stars this year (Greer, Bush, Thomas). They are only one game back of ATL and they would be ahead of them and in command for home field if it weren't for Garrett Hartley missing a chip shot in their head to head earlier this season. Plus, Matt Ryan looks good but is unproven in January, while Drew Brees looks good and is proven in February. I'll take the Saints.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers: I don't care how bad that O-line is, Big Ben likes to have sex in bathrooms and also happens to be a beast of a QB1. Oh their defense is pretty good too. However, they got stomped on by the Pats in Pitt AND I am worried about the health of Polamalu down the stretch. (There may be a huge gap between NE and the rest of the AFC).

4) Atlanta Falcons: They will be tough to beat with home field, but I don't trust their defense or Matt Ryan until I can see them win a playoff game.

5) Baltimore Ravens: Ray Lewis and Ed Reed scare me, but Joe Flacco doesn't. I still think they have the best shot of knocking off the Pats, their defense always looks good against Tommy.

6) Philadelphia Eagles: Mike Vick and Desean Jackson scare me, but their defense has had some big injuries. Not sure they can play January football, but anything can happen if you put him in a game in Atlanta. THAT would be must see TV.

7) Chicago Bears: This team proved they can't play in the elements and they may have to with a divisional home playoff game. Their defense is good enough for this ranking. Julius Peppers can change a game by himself.

T-8) NY Giants and NY Jets: Both teams are too up and down for me. Jets have been flat as of late and won't have the aide of their strength and conditioning coach for the rest of the season, which concerns me. Giants have too many injuries and I am worried Brandon Jacobs won't be able to find his helmet for the playoff game.

10) Indianapolis Colts: Watch out for Peyton! Just when you counted him out. They are getting a bit healthier. Pierre looks like a WR again. They can make a run in the playoffs iffff......

11) Jacksonville Jaguars: MJD doesn't carry his team to a division title, which he can. I don't think this team can win two games in the playoffs, but they could win one, as long it's not the 2nd place AFC North team. It's funny that this team was desperate for a QB early in the season.

12) Green Bay Packers: Explosive at times, but they probably don't even make the playoffs. They picked the wrong time to lose their Pro Bowl QB and play the Patriots on the road. FlashOpinion: Isn't point differential the worst stat? +117 and might not make the playoffs. Jacksonville has a -36, but they WIN when they have to.

13) San Diego Chargers: Definitely better than Kansas City, with or without Matt Cassel. But too little too late. Antonio Gates where are you!

14) Kansas City Chiefs: See above. As Bill Simmons says, "I can't wait to bet against this team in the playoffs!"

15) St. Louis Rams: SAAAAAMMMMMYYYYYY! I rank them ahead of Tampa Bay because the Rams dominated that game. Damn you Josh Freeman! Sam Bradford has some pretty stellar numbers for a rookie QB.

16) Tampa Bay Bucs: Another team bitten by the injury bug. Another reason they are below the Rams.

17) Houston Texans: How is Gary Kubiak still employed? This team is loaded with talent on offense and the front 7 on defense. Yes their secondary is awful, but with their other strengths they should have more than 5 wins.

18) Oakland Raiders: If Al Davis was alive... I think he would be quite proud of this team.

19) Seattle Seahawks: Awful on the road. Either the Hawks or St. Louis will have a tough time against the wildcard team in the NFC. If Karma exists, then Pete Carroll's team should not make the playoffs.

20) Miami Dolphins: One name: Chad Henne. Run the wildcat every down and you at least have a chance. How does team have a winning record?

21) Dallas Cowboys: Well Jason Garrett has a job for 2011, I just don't know if that makes me happy or furious.

22) Minnesota Vikings: If Adrian Peterson doesn't get 40 carries with some guy named "Webb" at QB, then Brad Childress should be fired! Oh wait.... Fire him again!

23) San Francisco 49ers: Hey San Francisco! I think he has played well enough... yes, that is right, 2011 will be the year of Alex Smith!

24) Washington Redskins: Is there any doubt that McNabb is traded or cut in the offseason?

25) Cleveland Browns: Colt McCoy will eventually lead this team to the playoffs. It may be in 2015, but it will happen eventually. Don't worry Cleveland we still love you, even if Lebron doesn't.

26) Detroit Lions: Talk about bad luck. Will Stafford ever stay healthy? With any semblance of a QB, this team is close to .500. Instead they are the best 3-10 team in a long time.

27) Tennessee Titans: Randy Moss is a cancer (apologies to Charlie Villenueva). Oh and Jeff Fisher... you lost your team awhile ago.

28) Denver Broncos: I want Tebow to start so everyone can see how bad he is (sorry AJ).

29) Buffalo Bills: I'd rank them higher, but they play some games in Canada... so I didn't even remember they qualified for these rankings until now.

30) Arizona Cardinals: It is a bad omen when your QB's name closely resembles something associated with death.

31) Cincinnati Bengals: I just ran back a Carson Palmer interception for six. Can we nickname him "King TAINT?"

32) Carolina Panthers: If the Victoria Secret Angels were dancing in the Panthers End Zone I might watch this team play. Oh wait, they don't score, so I wouldn't even see the Angels. So ya, you couldn't pay me to watch this team. Just over one offensive TD a game.... beyond bad.

That's all for now. Stay Classy,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trivia Time: QBs and their Alma Maters

This is one of those trivia questions that requires three things: 1) time, 2) pen/paper, and 3) no peeking.

Name the 32 NFL teams, name the 32 quarterbacks who took those teams' first snaps on Week 1, and name where each of those 32 quarterbacks played college football.

Hopefully you can get the 32 teams on your own. See how many out of 64 you can get - 32 quarterbacks, 32 colleges. I'll post the answers on Friday.