Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tweets of the Week

This is my first rendition of Tweets of the Week. It will mostly be sports tweets and sometimes these will be compiled over a few days and sometimes two weeks. Sometimes only a handful of tweets and sometimes around 20.

For my first rendition, the tweets center around just a few sports events, but they are quite funny. So read away, and tweet me (@beamersooner) any candidates you may have for the next edition!

Amazing run by Marshawn Lynch. Shaun Alexander would have run out of bounds 11 times on that run.

If Marshawn Lynch's run happened against you in Madden, you'd throw your controller through the damn tv

I saw a run like Lynch's earlier this year when my son's midget league team played a kid who obviously used a fake birth certificate

Matt Hasselbeck is officially the Bishop in Caddyshack.

Matthew Hasselbeck, QB of 8-9 Seahawks: "What do you call the person that graduated medical school with the lowest GPA? A doctor."

Calling for Mark Sanchez to throw a deep ball at this stage, tonight, is dumber than putting foot fetish videos on the Internet.

Due to a long night of studying for his graduate degree at Ole Miss, Jeremiah Masoli won't be tuning in tonight. #bcs

Everyone who wants a playoff looks so stupid right now because this wouldn't be remotely exciting as the final game of a tournament. #BCS

Looks like Auburn is one half away from having to eventually vacate the BCS Championship

You think Urban Meyer is just laughing out of control in Nick Saban's face as they show that Alabama fumble vs. Auburn? #BCS

Michigan's 1st question to Les Miles: "If there are 35 seconds to go in the game, how many seconds are left in the game?

And finally, because the Marshawn Lynch run sparked many of these tweets... your video of the day:

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