Saturday, January 8, 2011

News and Views (January 8th)

First off, on a day like this our thoughts and prayers should first be with the families and friends affected by the shooting earlier today in Tucson. Just a horrible tragedy that really puts things into perspective.

And on that happy note... lets get to the first News and Views of 2011!

Colorado stuns No. 8 Mizzou; Burks' 36 key
Still not going to get excited about College Basketball until AFTER football season. Sorry ESPN, your top story doesn't interest me. Side note:ESPN stop pushing Women's college basketball on me... I will never watch it.

Sources: Nets' potential Melo deal needs Pistons
Because when you can create a new Big 3 with Melo and two over the hill stars in NEW JERSEY... you have to do it! Come on Melo... isn't this your dream!

Pitt exploits Kentucky miscues to claim bowl
Heard there were Kentucky fans painted up to spell "S-E-C!" Your team is so bad you resort to painting up for your conference? Should have spelled out "P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C"

Report: Torre in talks with Selig for MLB post
Thank You. Maybe we won't have to hear about where he may manage next year during every off-season.

Bucs pick up 2-year Morris option, source says
Because when you have the opportunity to prematurely extend a coach after a season when the team beat one opponent with a winning record... you have to do it!

Talking Sparano, Dolphins express regret
Because when you go after a new coach because you are unhappy with your old one and that fails... you have to extend the old coach for 2 more years! You have to do it! (Do you see the pattern of sarcasm?)

Source: Stanford looks in-house for new coach
Cue the Conan "in the year 2000........": The new coach leads Stanford to another 10-win season behind Andrew Luck, then loses 7 games in 2012 and is canned.

Brother of Ravens' Reed missing after river leap
Another sad story. Also, a lesson to kids, don't run from the police. Secondly, there is no doubt in my mind that Ed Reed will channel his sorrow/anger and have a monster game on Sunday.

Arizona delays game after congresswoman shot
Rightfully so. (see top of the post)

A few posts I am working on for the week: "Twitter Posts of the Week" and "Blake Griffin Dunk of the Week," possibly more.

As always, stay classy,


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