Sunday, February 13, 2011


All season, he quietly lurked beneath the surface of others universally considered real contenders. Underrated and underappreciated, the true master of his own domain continued to shrug off comparisons to the legend whose shadow cast not only over our protagonist, but the entire state of Wisconsin. It appeared for yet another year, it was going to be all hype machine in September, all pipe dream in January.

And then, he got on a roll.

And then, that roll just didn't stop.

And then, on February 6, he could finally call himself the greatest word in all of competition ... CHAMPION.

He should really call and thank Aaron Rodgers for all his contributions.

Lady and gentlemen, I present to you the elated face of your new Pick 'em Champion:

ADAM MERTZ (Mount Horeb, Wisc.)

(Oh, by the way, in that lengthy representation, Ben Worgull played the part of Brett Favre. So there.)

Mr. Mertz is the proud owner of 85 buckaroos and, absolutely more importantly, that sexy trophy that is probably no longer sexy after all the time it has spent in the Worgull residence. Oh, and Mertz's favorite NFL team is now Super Bowl champion. I guess that counts for something.

Congratulations as well to our runner-up, Joseph Rower. It'll be a nice monetary contribution to the Starving Future "Dr. Millionaire" Fund, but it comes at the price of a long offseason wishing, wanting, hoping for another chance at golden glory.

That concludes our 2010 Pick 'em Season. Another great year, everybody. Can't wait to do it again!

Oh, before we go, I see that Mr. Worgull is already hard at work doing his research in his attempt to become Three-Time-Out-Of-Four Champion:

Better luck next year, buddy. Hopefully, there will be a next year in the National Football League.

Have a good one!