Monday, December 27, 2010

The Poster Child

I try to keep a level head when discussing sports. I try not to be a homer. I am a Sooner bred and will be a Sooner dead, so I hope this does not come across as homerism:

Blake Griffin is the best rookie since Lebron and he might be better.

Feel free to put me in my place but I think this to be true. There is no doubt that he is the most exciting player to enter the league since Lebron. People tune into the Clippers for the first time in a LONG time just to see what he will do next. His in-game dunking is the best since vintage Vince Carter, and as my friend Josh says "Blake is better because he looks better doing it than Vince." Josh is a Texas fan... he hates the Sooners... but he claims Blake is his second favorite player in the league. Just like Kevin Durant is from Texas and is my favorite or 2nd favorite player.

Sure, he is an amazing dunker, his career highlights through 2 months of being a professional rival many of the top dunkers in the past 20 years, but does that make him a great player? Check out his numbers.

He has improved every month and is averaging over 21 pts and 12 rebounds per game. That is top 20 in the league and top 5 in rebounding. Only Kevin Love and Dwight Howard can say the same. He is better in both categories than some of the best in the league (see Pau Gasol). Did I mention that he is a rookie? By the way his December numbers: 22.4 and 13.5.

Other stats:
BG32 has 24 double doubles, which ties Dikembe Mutombo for the most double doubles in a rookie season before January 1st. (He also has 18 straight)

He leads the league in dunks with 71.
He is top 25 in FG%

Also, Lebron had less than 21 pts per game as a rookie. Just sayin....

The Clippers are relevant again, and it is because of Mr. Griffin.
Blake Griffin, making posters for kids across America... everyday.

Stay classy,


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