Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big 12 Power Poll

Ok AJ... I guess I will throw my 2 cents in as well....

1) Texas (6-0, 3-0, Last Week #1)
The Big 12 is down this year. Texas MUST go undefeated to make the National title game. If not, they still make a BCS bowl. Not a bad deal if you are a longhorn fan. But if you miss the title game... I hope to God you lose to Boise in Phoenix. I think this team is overrated. Their defense is pretty good, but their offense is not what it was last year. They could slip up against OSU in Stillwater or even at Mizzou this weekend. Bowl Prediction: Fiesta

2) Oklahoma (3-3, 1-1, Last Week #2)
I'm not a homer. I'm not a homer. I'm not a homer. Maybe if I tell myself that enough times I will believe it. Look, there is only one team in the league with more losses. But the three losses are by 1, 1, 3... against, #20, #17, #3. They lost their best receiver (Gresham) before the season and their Heisman Trophy winner has played a total of 2.5 quarters all season. Yet, they have been in every game. Their defense is legit. They have the 8th ranked yardage defense and 3rd ranked scoring defense with that gauntlet of a schedule. They have the potential to win out and if they do they should be back in the top-10-15. The fact of the matter is... they would beat every team below them in this poll if they played today. This is a beat-up team, but they are still good. A few plays go differently and this team is in the top 5 right now. Bowl Prediction: Cotton Bowl
3) Oklahoma State (5-1, 2-0, Last Week #6)
They have recovered well from the upset vs Houston. They beat Missouri pretty good. They still have Texas, OU, and Tech left. They need two of three of those to make the Cotton Bowl... they only win one. Bowl Prediction: Holiday Bowl
4) Texas Tech (5-2, 2-1, Last Week #7)
The Red Raiders look pretty darn good. Their only Big-12 loss is to Texas. They are firing on all cylinders with their back-up QB. They still have OU and Oklahoma State on their schedule. If they can split those games, they will be in great shape for a good bowl game. Bowl Prediction: Gator Bowl

5) Kansas (5-1, 1-1, Last Week #4)
Well that game in Boulder was not pretty. We already knew it, but it was confirmed last week... Kansas has no defense. None. In a conference with a lot of offense, it doesn't look good for Kansas. The Reesing and Briscoe combo can only win you so many games. With Zero shoe-in wins left, Kansas is going to have to play near perfect football to make a bowl game. Good luck Jayhawks. Alamo Bowl

6) Nebraska (4-2, 1-1, Last Week #5)
They got beat by a superior team, but it wasn't even close. The defense just didn't have an answer for Tech's high powered offense. They were at home too. This game proved to me just how far the gap is between the north and south. Bowl prediction: Insight Bowl

7) Missouri (4-2, 0-2, Last Week #3)
A tough loss to Nebraska. Tough tough loss. The hangover showed against OSU. This team just isn't that good. They don't have a consistent offense and with a mediocre defense... they just aren't an elite Big-12 team. I am feeling a bowl game, but something along the lines of the Buy.com Furniture Meinke Car Brakes bowl. Bowl Prediction: Independence Bowl

8) Kansas State (4-3, 2-0, Last Week NR)
Woah! The Wildcats are leading the Big-12 North... why are they not above those other north teams?? Oh thats right... their wins were vs. Iowa State and Texas A&M. These Wildcats still aren't too hot, but they have a chance at a bowl game. Bowl Prediction: Texas Bowl

9) Iowa State (4-3, 1-2, Last Week #9)
Every Big-12 game has been a nail biter for the Cyclones. Unfortunately only one win to show for it and it was against a Griffin-less Baylor. The bright side is that you have 2 very winnable games left against CU and A&M. But will 6-6 be good enough for a bowl game? No.

10) Colorado (2-4, 1-1, Last Week NR)
I am ranking the Buffs ahead of Baylor just because of their win against ranked Kansas. With two wins thus far... its going to take a hell of a run for Dan Hawkins keep his job.

Others Receiving Votes:
Its too bad that Robert Griffin got hurt, but Baylor cant do anything without him.
Texas A&M:
Quality Wins: UAB, New Mexico, and Utah State... quality not so much. Also when you get beat by Kansas St but 50.... you head straight to the cellar of the rankings.

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