Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big 12 Power Poll

We will be continuing our segment of "guest" NFL picks for the week either tomorrow or Friday. We will choose this guest by whoever scores best in AJ's pick'em league. This week yours truly will be giving the picks because I dominated hitting 14/16 games. But for now lets update the Big 12 Power Poll!

1) Texas (4-0, 1-0, Last week: #1)
Even if it's UTEP, dropping 50 in a half is impressive. They only have played one solid team and it was a home game and they struggled. So let's not anoint them just yet. If I had an AP vote they wouldn't be in my top 3.

2) Oklahoma (2-1, 0-0, Last week: #2)
They had a bye last week and have their big Miami game this weekend. We should learn a lot about them on Saturday. Side note: how does USC jump us in both polls? Was their 20 point win at home against Washington State (AWFUL TEAM) really that impressive?

3) Missouri (4-0, 0-0, Last week: #t-4)
Again, tough to choose between Kansas and Mizzou. My deciding factor was that the Tigers had make a comeback on the road, while the Jayhawks struggled at home. I don't think either of the teams would have a chance in the Big 12 title game against OU or Texas but that has been the case for several years.

4) Kansas (4-0, 0-0, Last week: #t-4)
See above. Just unimpressive so far. They may lose 5 conference games... so watch them to slide down this list in the coming weeks.

5) Nebraska (3-1, 0-0, Last week: #7)
The Cornhuskers jump OSU because of their loss. NU has three blow-out wins and a tough tough loss to a top-10 team. We will learn a lot about that Bo defense against Mizzou in two weeks, but for now they look like they could make a run at the north title.

6) Oklahoma State (3-1, 0-0, Last week: #6)
Amazingly the Pokes stay in same slot. Some may argue that they have a better win than Nebraska, and have a pretty good loss. Well, I'm sorry, I don't care how good a Conference-USA team is... you can't lose at home to a non-BCS school. Sorry.

7) Texas Tech (2-2, 0-1, Last week: #3)
The freefall stops here. Poor Red Raiders. I thought you guys could take it to Houston. They were coming off a big high and you could just run up and down the field. But you didn't. And your "improved" defense couldn't stop them when it counted. However, this is my team to watch that could rise in these polls. They have the potential to win every game left on their schedule (including at home against OU). So watch out for the pirates revival! Also, Mike Leech is hilarious. That is all.

8) Texas A&M (3-0, 0-0, Last week: #9)
I will not talk about how good this team is until they play someone. Lets talk after a mediocre SEC team this weekend (Arkansas).

9) Iowa State (3-1, 0-0, Last week: #10)
They beat Army pretty good last week. But Duke beat Army by about the same margin... so that doesn't mean much. Again... I would be hard pressed to find more than one game I think they definitely will win left on their schedule. Not a good sign before we are in October.

10) Baylor (3-1, 0-0, Last week: #8)
The tears are streaming in Waco, Tx. I even thought you guys could make a bowl this year. Unfortunately I didn't forsee your ridiculously athletic QB to go down for the season. I'm not saying you guys were a one-man team... but you were a one-man team. Good luck winning A big 12 game. Side note: Griffin tore part of his ACL on the first drive, then went on to play the rest of the first half and threw 3 TD's. At halftime they realized the severity of the injury and he was done for the season. Kids got heart... no ligament holding his knee together... but at least he has heart.

Others receiving votes (Undeserving of an entire paragraph describing their obismal situation):
Kansas State: Congrats on beating Tennessee Tech... good luck winning two more games.
Colorado: Travelling to the state of West Virginia to get Tim Tebowed...err concussed.

Summary: The Big 12 is not as strong as it was last year. Texas and Oklahoma are the heavy favorites and the North is fairly weak as always. Thinking about the other conferences, I just think its a weak year overall, no one stands out as a great team. Bama and Florida are the best of the SEC. Name a team in the Big 10 or Pac 10 that scares you. The ACC and Big East are just so-so. I think there is a good chance that the Red River Shootout winner plays either Florida or Bama in the title game... again.


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