Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 2 NFL Picks

In 20 words or less, AJ's picks for the weekend (home team in CAPS):

The fish monster's team looks tough. USC backup boy's team does not
Raiders over CHIEFS

Steve Slaton, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels? Too much for even the Titans
Texans over TITANS

I realize New England has defensive issues. Nothing like facing a rookie quarterback to fix those
Patriots over JETS

OK, I'll be a sonofabitch and re-quote what everyone else already said: "Child please!"
PACKERS over Bengals

Upset special of the week. Lions always play the Vikes tough at home
LIONS over Vikings

Drew Brees tosses another four, Kevin Kolb not good enough to match
Saints over EAGLES

Because my next-door neighbor and friend, T.J., might kill himself if the Dirties don't
FALCONS over Panthers

Will the Rams EVER be relevant again?
REDSKINS over Rams

Have fun playing a 10 am local time game, defending NFC champs
JAGUARS over Cardinals

Tough call here. Solid game potential. I like the experience over the frisky
Seahawks over 49ERS

Desperate team has gotta win here, or things are gonna get real ugly in western NY
BILLS over Bucs

Denver ALWAYS starts 2-0, builds up excitement...and then falls flat. Sunrise, sunset
BRONCOS over Browns

San Diego ALWAYS starts slowly. So why this pick? SD should be learning from this by now
CHARGERS over Ravens

Flip-flopped on this one. But Pittsburgh pass rush + sieve Chicago O-Line = battered Cutler
Steelers over BEARS

Oh, because it's the home opener, Cowboys CAN'T lose? Ummm...G-Men are pretty good, ya know
Giants over COWBOYS

Peyton Manning over an overrated team. One more time, since 85's from Miami: "Child please!"
Colts over DOLPHINS


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