Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My poor Mavs let Tony Parker run all over them last night... but I will take the split in the Alamo city.

It's golf season now and I'm late for a tee time... so lets get this going:

Report: Howard named NBA's top defender
Because it helps your team so much to swat the ball 15 rows into the stands.... so that the opposing team gets another possession.

Villanova's Reynolds enters NBA draft
Oh Scottie, what could have been if you stayed committed to Oklahoma. Good luck.

Dampier to Parker: Watch out in Game 3
Damp... why are you speaking? Go ice your knees and learn how to play defense.

Pass on gas: Hybrid will be pace car at Lowe's
Because making the pace car more environmentally friendly makes it okay that more fuel is being used in this race than the entire continent of Africa consumes in a year.

Holt agrees to 3-year deal with Jaguars
Signing aging receivers worked well for them once (See Keenan Mccardell) why not try it again?

CB Brown: 'Lack of respect' from Eagles
Seriously? Why even have contracts anymore? They mean nothing.

Wimbledon purse up in pounds, down in dollars
Genius move by Wimbledon to save a few bucks. No one will ever know....

Little League says it will pay $500 fine for Dukes
Cool story here. He shouldn't be late to his job... but I think he would take this fine in light of his past missteps.

Fla. prep pitcher hurls 4th straight no-hitter
Someone make this kid pee in a cup.

Rumors: McNabb or Flacco to Boldin in '09
Improve either team? Yes. Will he stay happy? probs not

Maybe I'll break 90 today.... stay classy,


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