Saturday, April 11, 2009

Never Give Up... Never Surrender

Is anyone really doubting a Tiger Woods comeback?

Will any of the 18 players ahead of him remain calm, cool and collected as his name climbs the leaderboard? Probably not.

It's really funny, actually. Tiger is 7 strokes behind the co-leaders, but I (and most everybody) fully expects him to be right there on Sunday.

Why? Because he is Tiger (expletive) Woods.

Watch all of his Majors up to 2005. It gives you the confidence that the move is coming. That killer instinct is showing up TODAY.

I didn't get to catch most of the 2nd round, and Tiger wasn't really on TV anyway. Wait ... let's take a sidetrack for a second. The Masters coverage has been TERRIBLE. This is a MAJOR championship and we don't get TV coverage until 3 PM for the first two rounds? Oh, and then Saturday they bump it up to 2:30? Tiger will be on the back 9 by the time we can see him on TV. Thanks ESPN, I really enjoyed the first round of the WNBA draft on Thursday leading up to Masters coverage. Were your ratings really higher during the 2-3PM hour because people wanted to see when the Paris twins were selected? Ugh... ANGRY.
*End Furious Rant*

I caught highlights of Tiger's round on The WNBA Loving Sports Network...(Okay i promise I'm done ranting) and came to the conclusion that Tiger's 72 should have been closer to a 68 or better.

We didn't see his approach shots, but his putting was awful. I counted 6 birdie putts within 12 feet that he lipped out and 2 par putts within 10 feet that skimmed the cup. Now, first of all, Tiger doesn't miss "must-have" par putts. Second, he will NOT putt that poorly in the next 2 rounds. What this tells me is that he is hitting the ball as well as he has all year. If he makes half of those birdie and par putts, we are talking 4 strokes better, which puts him at -6 rather than -2.

Now, I am not saying he IS going to win his fifth green jacket, but I am not going to doubt him until someone else is sliding the jacket on. Tiger will charge (66 on Saturday is my guess) and the leaders will crumble (except for maybe Angel Cabrera because he doesn't speak English and doesn't know what the Masters is or who Tiger is).

So... get your popcorn ready for the Sunday playoff between Angel Cabrera and Tiger Woods. Angel may not remember it, but I can guarantee Tiger wants revenge for the 2007 U.S. Open.

Enjoy moving day, as we all know which direction Eldrick will be headed.


Caption: (Tiger's thoughts: "If you could speak English
I would tell you that I am going to knock you out
with my 8-iron and take the jug.")

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  1. A golf fan complaining about WNBA coverage is like a jazz fan complaining about the classical music show that leads in to his radio program.