Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14: News and Views

Just a quick note before I get into my news and views. I was very disappointed with the finish to the Masters. The Tiger/Phil run was great. Heading to a 3-way playoff I was excited. Angel winning on a Kenny Perry collapse just wasn't that exciting.

Onto the show!!

Source: Isiah Thomas accepts FIU coaching job
Oh how the mighty have fallen. Great hire for FIU though.

De La Hoya says his time in the ring is over
Until he is desperate for money and is willing to get beat up for a few bucks.

Beckett suspended for nearly beaning Abreu
Really? I nearly ran a red light yesterday... but I didn't get a ticket. MLB suspension... FAIL

Cowboys get 6 national '09 games
You usually want the next superbowl champion team on national television as much as possible

Celtics' Allen suspended for elbowing Varejao
Who cares? Suspension for a worthless game.

UConn center Thabeet to enter NBA draft
If you are projected to go in the top 5 ... you tend to leave school early.

Autopsy shows Kalas died from heart disease
Sad story... was looking forward to hearing the epic NFL films voice over of the Cowboys championship run this year.

Glavine: Shoulder may end career
Hall of fame is a foregone conclusion. Frankly... it's about time to put the glove up.

Tavares or Hedman? Isles win 2009 draft lottery
What sport are we even talking about here?

Duke point guard Paulus works out for Packers


Now that is a comedic headline for the ages.

Stay Classy,


In honor of the headlines above... youtube clip of the week:

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