Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Headlines: April 1st

I would love for someone to come up with a better nickname for this recurring post. Any ideas?

Without further ado,

Officer who detained Texans' Moats resigns
This was about as easy to predict as the first round playoff loss for the Mavericks will be.

Stallworth to be charged with DUI manslaughter
I really thought flashing his brights at the pedestrian would be enough to get him off the hook....
But really this is a sad story, hearts go out to the family of Mario Reyes.

Dream job: Calipari takes over at Kentucky
I looked up "Dream Job" in the dictionary and didn't see: If you fail in your first game, everyone in the state will be screaming for your head.

Yanks' Chamberlain pleads guilty to DUI charge
I never understood why these guys making this much money can't hire a friend or personal driver to stay sober and zip you around town. Seriously.

Broncos decide to try to trade Cutler
Too afraid to make a crack here... "AJ... put down the gun."

Jeter to bat leadoff, Damon No. 2
OMG?? WHAT?! Who cares.... evidently not me.

Rivers: Celtics to shut down injured Garnett
Obviously he wont be 100% for the rest of the year. Will we finally get a Lebron/Kobe finals? *Shake Magic 8-ball* "Signs point to yes"

McCain supporting pardon for Jack Johnson
Took eight headlines to get to a cool story.

John McEnroe joins ESPN's U.S. Open coverage
I may watch the Open coverage just to hear McEnroe make some cracks. Should be quality TV. Can he throw eggs like he did in Mr. Deeds?

Kiper: Latest thoughts for the Lions at No. 1
Story is just not as fun when you can't track the impending Matt Millen epic fail.

Time to jet. No video link today... but I do have maybe the most important link I have ever discovered.

Enjoy it here!

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