Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Three Tricky Trivia Questions of the Week

Wanted to postscript today's Sportsman and The Next Erin Andrews of the Month with an apology that we haven't been posting more often. July has been a surprisingly busy time here, mainly ridden with travel to everywhere from Fort Dodge to Chicago to Madison. So it's been tough to find time on the blog. But I promise, once football season of all varieties gets started up (NFL, fantasy, college, high school), there will be more frequent posts. I promise.

Now, here are three fun trivia questions. No fair using the Internet.
The first is courtesy of the Comcast SportsNet broadcast of tonight's Cubs-Rockies game.

Four active left-handed batters have more hits than Todd Helton. Name 'em.

Question numero dos is courtesy of Jayson Stark on Tuesday's "Mike and Mike in the Morning".

Albert Pujols now has nine consecutive 100-RBI seasons to begin his career. There are only six active major league players, besides Pujols, with nine 100-RBI seasons in their entire careers. Name 'em.

And your final pop quiz inquiry of the day is courtesy of yours truly. One of those hidden-identity-name-the-two-compared-players deals. Enjoy.

Pitcher A: 141 IP, 10-5, 3.69 ERA, 1.39 WHIP, 125 K, 16 homers allowed in a hitter's park
Pitcher B: 150 IP, 9-9, 3.65 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 134 K, 8 homers allowed in a hitter's park

Oh, and one more thing...
Pitcher A makes $16.5 million this season
Pitcher B makes $750,000 this season

Name 'em.

If you like, post your guesses as a comment to this entry. I'll have the answers later this week.



  1. I'm guessing CC vs U on the pitchers, but thats just gut instinct

  2. Off the top of my head for 9x 100 rbi's
    Griffey (did he have enough healthy seasons to get there?)
    Bobby Abreu?
    Big Bad Vladdy Daddy?

    This just shows how most of the talent in the league is from a younger generation...