Tuesday, August 25, 2009


. Technically, it's Case of the Mondays, because arguably the most incredible, unbelievable, leave-your-jaw-wide-open-unable-to-speak spectacular moment in Denver sports history - and probably the most unbelivable moment in all of sports this year - occurred at 11:38 local time. Where I am, it was 12:38, so it's Tuesday. But Coors Field ROCKED while the bell was 22 minutes from tolling midnight. So, dammit, we're callin this Case of the Mondays.

I'm writing this at 2:05 am - about 90 minutes after the Rockies' indescribable 6-4 walk-off victory against the Giants. I'm still in shock. I'm a little numb. Probably delirious. Not sure how I'm going to function at work tomorrow, especially since I can't sleep thinking about the next three games on the ol' sked. But before I pass out from what's going on in LoDo, here are some bullet-point thoughts:
  • Broncos who?
  • I didn't realize Todd Helton had reached the Albert Pujols point where you just walk him automatically - even if the bases are loaded in a one-run game.
  • But I did love Helton staring down Barry Zito after doing just that to tie the game up at 1. That was Zito's third free pass handed out to TH. Some veteran pitcher, ya hack.
  • Yet another great play by Tulowitzki in the field to save a hit in the 10th. Of course, the announcers went nuts on ESPN during Top 10 when it was showed, which is well and good - but honestly, we Rockie fans are used to it. That's what Tulo does.
  • Troy Tulowitzki > Derek Jeter. At least now he is. In the words of Matt Berry, you heard me.
  • Of course, Tulo's boneheaded running error in the bottom of that inning can't go unnoticed. Runner on 2nd (a pinch-runner, by the way, so Helton's now out of the game), nobody out, Tulo singles to right. I guess he figured that if there was a play at the plate, either the game was over or CarGo would be out, so he should take second on the throw.
  • But you've got to have more awareness than that. And besides, even with CarGo was held up and the ball was cut off, why didn't Troy scamper back to first? That killed the inning. Killed it.
  • I do know that Tulo's playing through a bad leg injury. And Dex Fowler may have to do the same after fouling one off his knee in the 14th. Yikes.

  • Cy Young boy Tim Lincecum pinch-running, and closer Brian Wilson batting for himself in the 11th. Ummmm...what's wrong with this picture?
  • The exchange after that was hilarious: a terrible bunt by Wilson, Yorvit Torrealba making a horribly short throw to second, but Barmes makes a great dig and throws to first in time to nail a surprised Wilson. Threat over, inning over.
  • But yeah, I mean, what's wrong with this picture? MLB, one way or the other here. Pick a DH for both leagues or neither. Preferably both leagues, but either way, make a decision. We're waiting. Somebody wake up Bud.
  • Seriously, who are these Broncos characters? And where'd they go? Haven't heard much about them recently.
  • Plus Brandon Medders lining to third with the bases juiced and two out in the 13th. Medders is the Giants', like, fifth reliever. Just adds to the awe of this game.

  • All right, quote time: here's Drew Goodman's exact words in the bottom of the 14th:

  • "Ryan 1 for 6. In the air, deep right-center field, way back...ROCKIES WIN IT! GRAND SLAM, RYAN SPILBORGHS! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! HE'S SPRINTING AROUND THE BASES! WOW! WOW!"
  • And with all the passion illustrated with the all-caps. Perfectly executed by the long-time Rockies play-by-play man. Unlike that obnoxious "See Ya!" bullshit that's been 15 years overdone by the YES network buffoon.
  • First walk-off grand slam in Rox history? Wouldn't have thunk it.
  • Jim Tracy damn near collapsed when Spilly's blast cleared the bullpen wall. He is SO cool. Might be my favorite coach in Colorado, with regards to George Karl.
  • And Tracy keeps saying it: "WE DON'T QUIT". Ah, the anti-Carmelo Anthony 2008 speech. (Sorry, Melo! Still love ya)
  • On the other hand, San Francisco Giants: Just go home. Quit. Seriously. You have a better chance of making the 2009 MLB playoffs as the Washington Nationals, the New England Patriots, and the Saudi Arabian team in the Little League World Series. It's true.

  • It is about this time I'm pondering: "what if this exact game happened between two teams wearing Yankees and Red Sox uniforms?"
  • I'm thinking the following truths: the roof in Bristol would explore; ESPN would pre-empt all its programming (including its beloved LLWS) for the next 16 hours to show highlights; Bill Simmons would be composing a 60,000-word column as well as a book to be sold in stores at a Barnes & Noble near you next May; Buster Olney's head would explode; Peter Gammons would have a heart attack; and did I mention the roof in Bristol would explode? Yes, yes I did.
  • That's not to knock ESPN's coverage of this game; it was great hearing the two anchors lead it off for the 1 pm SportsCenter. I'm just saying, Yankees-Red Sox is, well, it's getting old.
  • Neil Everett, whom I hate, had two priceless lines on SportsCenter.
  • The first was while ESPN showed the box score, right after Eaton's RBI walk: “Well, if you’re hanging around lower downtown Denver around midnight on Monday looking for something to do, you could catch this wild Rockies game now in the 14th inning, the Giants took a three-run lead in the top of the 14th, but then Adam Eaton walked with the bases loaded, and now…Ryan Spilborghs…(long pause)…has JUST HIT A WALK-OFF GRAND SLAM HOME RUN TO WIN IT FOR THE ROCKIES! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”
  • And this, “Me and Stan (Verrett) are watching this, and we have chicken skin, hair raising on the back of our necks”
  • Neil, you moved up a few notches in my book. Keep it up, dude.

  • Let me ask you: how is ESPN NOT moving mountains to get a Dodgers-Rockies game on national television this week? HOW?!?!
  • Or how about Giants-Rockies on FOX on Saturday? Yo, Fox, check the fucking standings! CUBS ARE 62-60, EIGHT GAMES OUT! METS ARE 10 GAMES UNDER .500!!!!!
  • And Dodgers-Reds? DODGERS-REDS? Who’s setting these matchups and are they triple or quadruple the legal limit when they’re doing so?
  • Whatever. Bring on a Rangers-Rockies World Series. Can't wait to see jobs lost at MLB when that happens.

  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEAT LA.
  • BEA
  • (That's 15.5 'beat LAs'. Same as the number of games the Rockies were back of the Dodgers on June 3.)
  • Attention Dodgers: Rockies in your rearview mirror are closer than they appear.
  • I don't honestly think the Rox get more than a game in this series. An incredibly physical, taxing series with the G-Men just ending, the Dodgers had the day off, the pitching matchups are severely in LA's favor...
  • That being said, that puts the pressure on the Dodgers. Should the Rockies get 2 of 3, the noose is gonna tighten even more around LA.
  • Oh, and one more thing: Print 'em up. That's right, playoff tickets. Print 'em up. That's all I gotta say about that.

Have a good one.


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  1. No, no, no, no, no.

    Jeter, if not for the excellent season being put up by teammate Mark Teixeria, would probably be one of the AL's leading MVP candidates.

    He's hitting .332 (including .379 this month), has 16 homers, 57 RBI and 21 steals to go along with a .394 OBP.

    Tulowitzski is hitting .275 (.317 this month), has 23 homers, 67 RBI and 15 steals to go along with a .361 on-base percentage.

    The fact that Jeter bats lead-off and still only trails Tulo (who has most of his plate appearances in the fifth spot) by 10 RBI is enough to make that category a wash. Tulowitzski has seven more homers, but would you trade 52 hits for seven homers?

    And if you're talking defense, both have six errors and a fielding percentage within .001 of each other. A better guage might be UZR (ultimate zone ratings), a complicated stat which calculates how many runs a player saves/allows over an average player at the position. Tulowitzski's is +3.4 this year (ranked 47th in MLB), meaning he has saved the Rockies roughly three and a half runs over the course of the season than an average player. Jeter's UZR? +7 (27th in MLB).

    Advantage, Jeter.