Monday, August 10, 2009

TNEA of the Month: August


We're going outside the box for this month's The Next Erin Andrews candidate (and for those who haven't been following along, here's a link to get you up to speed). The August candidate needs but one word of introduction...everybody now, haaaaaaaaiiiiiiii...


I got hooked on I Survived A Japanese Game Show! this summer, mainly for the silliness and the mini-drama between contestants (but never out-of-hand-reality-show drama). Yes, there were a few cute girls on the show, like Jamie whose smile lights up a room but romance with Drew lit up her team, or Linda who's like that classic girl that doesn't turn your head the first time or the tenth, but you eventually realize she's a cutie. Either of these ladies would actually make a fine candidate for this monthly honor based on their looks and spunk.

But we're going with the oldest member of the 12-person competition, 36-year-old Cathy, for two reasons. One, she's a soccer mom who live for her children's sports, so we know she could hold her own on the sidelines. And two, um...SHE NEVER LOST.

Even the Japanese version of the game show (Majide!) recognized that she was impenetrable in all the team games. You see, there are two teams of 6 players, and one contestant goes home each week. Should one team lose two more players than the opponent at any given time, then the larger squad must give one of its players to the other side. Cathy went from the Green Tigers, over to the Red Robots and back...and no matter what, the team Cathy was on ALWAYS WON. This, I guess, is the equivalent of, say, Robert Horry who goes from team to team and might not be the star player or the MVP, but always seems to win.

She's gotta get her props for that.


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