Monday, June 22, 2009

Who the f&$#! is Lucas Glover? and more Case of the Mondays

Note: had a looooooooong day at work today so I don't have time to complete an entire Riverside Rants right now. But today serves pretty well for me to just offer some quick-hit thoughts, all of which I will expand upon either tomorrow or later in the week. I can't and won't let you down.

-Lucas Glover (71st ranked in the world) holding off David Duval (882nd) in a tourney led mostly by Ricky Barnes (519th) shows just how golf is just a giant crapshoot. What else does it prove? That Tiger used to be the most dominant athlete in all of sport. Emphasis on used to.
-I am sick and tired of Tiger's excuses, as well as his silly, sophmoric tantrums he throws after a poor shot. You don't see Roger Federer doing this, you don't see Tom Brady, Derek Jeter or LeBron James doing this, and you especially didn't see Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer doing this. Grow up, Tiger. Your days of winning everything are behind you.

-James Blake, retirement calling on line one.
-Roger Federer - LOCK.
-This has a chance to be a historically awful draw for me, picks-wise. Just terrible. Whoops.

-Looks like it's back to the drawing board, UW athletic department.
-Do yourself a favor when reading this article, and start reading at the fifth paragraph, not the top. I could care less about Wisconsin's positive spin on how quick tickets sold out. That's less a symbol of the program's popularity and more about kids realizing, oh shit, I better be online at 8:30 on Monday morning or I'm gonna miss out. Don't try and make us think it's any different than that.
-Derek Zetlin's gonna pioneer change, one way or another. I'm feeling it.

-Here's my big project for tomorrow, or Wednesday. I'm gonna research how many times in the last decade a baseball team has played an 18-game stretch losing one or zero games.
-Then I'm gonna see how many times the same franchise has accomplished that feat - 17-1 or 18-0 - TWICE, in a span of 20 months. In the history of baseball.
-Then I'm going to ask, quite rhetorically, why in the name of Kazuo Matsui has ESPN failed to acknowledge, like at ALL, the Colorado Rockies, both the '07 and '09 editions. If the Sawx had done this, I think the offices in Bristol would explode. It would no longer be Baseball Tonight - in fact, it wouldn't be Yankees Tonight. It would be Red Sox Tonight.
-But, a little ball team from Denver does this, and it's not even Page 2 news. Not even Page 6 news. Doesn't get any press whatsoever.
-Please, sports gods, if you grant me nothing else in the world of sports, grant me a competing TV network to ESPN. Somebody needs to put the Worldwide Leader in their fricking place and cover sports the right way; the fair way.

More on these topics, and other topics, later. Have a good one.


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  1. Sorry, AJ - have to complete disagree with you on the Tiger comments. If anything, I think the Open reaffirmed Tiger's dominance.

    My gut reaction after watching all five days of the tournament was that Tiger played poorly. He couldn't hit fairways, and couldn't hit a putt to save his life. His frustration was apparent. Oh yeah, and he TIED FOR SIXTH. Half the guys on tour would give anything for a top-six finish at the Open. Tiger stumbled his way around the course and beat 95% of the guys in the field.

    Throw in the fact that his first-round 74 was due in large part to him getting screwed by being in the first wave of tee times who had to deal with the horrendous Thursday conditions and split round (unlike Glover and most of the rest of the top of the leaderboard), and Tiger proved to me today that he's better than ever. Even when he's "off", as he was all weekend, he's better than most guys' "on."