Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 3 Pick Running-Diary for the NBA Draft

Well I am never around to contribute to this blog... sorry AJ. Trying to get my life in order.

Found about 30 minutes before dinner and actually watched part of the draft. Here are my thoughts in a diary format.

All posts in central time:

6:32: This ESPN NBA DRAFT puzzle piece gimmick is really cheesy. My boy Blake is wearing his purple and looking good.

6:33: Stern opens up the draft with a written speech… sounds like it is written by an NBA intern. Stern slips in “New York home of the Knicks and the Liberty!” Was it really necessary to shove the WNBA down our throat with that quick Jab, Mr. Stern?

6:36: Do the Clippers really need the full 5 minutes… or did they take some much needed money for their franchise from ESPN to run a segment about how much the Clips SUCK at drafting.

6:38: When Ricky Davis is listed as a key reserve…. You know your franchise is in trouble.

6:39: Stu Scott mentions Mike Dunleavy is the only GM/Coach in the NBA… there should be no question of why the Clips are the worst franchise in the league.

6:40: And its official Blake Griffin’s career is set to go down in flames. BG23 to the Clips at #1. And live video shows the Clippers war room and it looks like a funeral just ended… no wonder the fans aren’t into it anymore… the management doesn’t give a flip either.

6:41: Blake excited to move forward and not think about the past…. Good thinking Blake…. Lets not think about 3 playoff appearances in about 20 years or so. At least there is no pressure of expectations, Dunleavy will make sure of that.

6:45: Mark Jackson says the Grizzlies need to swing for the fences with this pic! Wow Mark… way to go out on a limb for a terrible franchise with the 2nd pick.

6:46: Hasheem Thabeet is taken and yet again a war room goes nuts…. NOT. Excited for this interview… may understand 1-in-5 words. Memphis just got a poor man’s Dikembe Mutumbo with no offensive skill set… get excited Tennessee NBA fans!!! Oh wait, you don’t care about the NBA… its almost SEC football season.

6:49: Hasheem wore a Memphis-colored tie… so far these two picks were pretty predictable.

6:51: Ricky Rubio looks like he is a pompous a$$. And he will have to wait as the OKC Thunder pick the best fit for them in USC guard James Harden.

6:53: And the dinner bell is ringing therefore I must cut the mini-running-diary even shorter than I hoped.

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