Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV picks

The big game is on, and the picks are in. First, the championship game of the 2nd Annual Jump Around Remix Pick 'Em League Brought To You By Silk Gentlemen's Club:

Sunday, 5 p.m. CST, CBS
(3) Deej Jarvis vs. (4) Ben Worgull
Indianapolis Colts
(16-2) vs. New Orleans Saints (15-3)

And for your consideration, here are a guest star list of picks. It's fairly tight right now...

Michael Bleach (Madison, Wisc.): Colts 41-35
Aaron Brenner (Davenport, Iowa): Colts 35-24
David Brenner (Littleton, Colo.): Colts 34-31
Matt Brenner (New Zealand): Saints 35-21
Stewart Brenner (Boynton Beach, Fla.): Saints 35-28
Sue Brenner (Littleton, Colo.): Colts 38-24
Brett Crawford (Bettendorf, Iowa): Saints 35-31
Mark Feeney (Davenport, Iowa): Colts 37-31
Dean Graves (Littleton, Colo.): Colts 38-34
Mason Harris (Boulder, Colo.): Saints 31-24
Rob Hernandez (Madison, Wisc.): Saints 31-27
Justin Petek (Brookfield, Wisc.): Colts 27-24
Andrew Petersen (Davenport, Iowa): Colts 42-34
Margaret Rabida (Corinth, N.Y.): Colts 28-21
Barry Riddle (Parker, Colo.): Saints 24-17
Joseph Rower (Aurora, Colo.): Saints 38-31
Kim Ryerson (Madison, Wisc.): Saints 37-31
Jordan Schelling (Madison, Wisc.): Colts 31-28
Len Shapiro (Boca Raton, Fla.): Colts 38-27
Gerald Smith (Colorado Springs, Colo.): Colts 31-24
Zach Sundelius (Oregon, Wisc.): Colts 34-27
Ben Walnick (Wichita Falls, Texas): Saints 31-27
Paul Walnick (Dallas, Texas): Saints 31-24
Ben Worgull (Madison, Wisc.): Saints 31-27

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