Thursday, March 26, 2009

Headlines: Immediate Reactions

I want to be more involved in this new blog... as I did not update my last blog enough. So I thought: "I need an ongoing entry that is fast and easy but fairly entertaining." So I came up with this...

I am just going to copy and paste the top headlines listed on the homepage of, and I will give a short and to the point gut reaction. Simple... yes. Genius? Only time will tell. To add some flavor to these posts... I will add in a youtube clip of the day.

Onto the show:

Tejada gets probation for misleading Congress:
As long as you apologize to the kids... congress will just send you to time-out.
Source: NCAA starts UConn recruiting probe
Thank goodness the NCAA is investigating... can you finish the Reggie Bush case first?
Burress' lawyer in talks with DA to resolve case
I'm getting tired of investigations and court cases... especially if they involve Cheddar Bob.
Gore leads field, as Tiger surges into contention
On cue, Tiger returns to form before Augusta... and who on Earth is Gore?
UNC's Lawson prepared to play through toe pain
This is great information to know... since we didn't already see him play through the pain and dominate the game.
Officer delayed NFL player as relative died
I am so proud of my hometown's finest... now I will always know they are there to look out for me and not "Screw me over."
Owens to only attend Bills' mandatory workouts
From everyone in Dallas... we will miss your antics Mr. Owens.
NBA backs new rule for too many men violation
Captain common sense to the rescue!!!!
CC to start both Yanks openers
"Breaking news... CC Sabathia to start all 162 games..."
Man charged for stalking U.S. gymnast Johnson
No it isn't me... I am a little bit more inconspicuous in my stalking.

Hope this recurring entry doesn't push you to quit the blog... and now the youtube clip of the day....

My favorite Adrian Peterson (MAN CRUSH ALERT!!!) montage.

I'm outtie,


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