Saturday, March 28, 2009

Better Performer (team vs. writer)

This post will be sweet and to the point. AJ's Nuggets may have gotten the best of my Mavs... my Mavs who stink and I have no faith in them, but who won the prediction battle?

We both whiffed on Memphis over Mizzou. I only missed one other game in a close Kansas vs. MSU game.

AJ how did you do.... Purdue... bust. Blue Devils looked great against my final four pick Nova. You were talking some real smack earlier about the Sooners going home.... hahaha. I laugh at you.

I don't usually grab someone by the hair and rub their face in the dirt, but 95% of the country jumped all over OU, either picking them to lose to Clemson/Mich or Syracuse. Who is laughing now?

Picks for tomorrow.

Big East prevails. UCONN slips past that pesky Mizzou-Rah team. UCONN by 3.
Hot Nova jumps onto a struggling Pitt team. Nova by 7.

Stay classy,


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