Friday, March 19, 2010

NCAA Second-Round Predictions ... In 16 Words a Piece


10 St. Mary’s vs. 2 Villanova;11:05 a.m. Providence (South)
The 'Cats almost were saying Noooooooo!(va) against Robert Morris; can they recollect themselves in Round 2?

13 Murray State vs. 5 Butler; 1:20 p.m. San Jose (West)
The slipper fit against Vandy. It won't against a better team with its own Cinderella experience

14 Ohio vs. 6 Tennessee; 1:25 p.m. Providence (Midwest)
Had G'town here, so I'll go with Vols. If Ohio's on fire again, could be interesting

9 Northern Iowa vs. 1 Kansas; 3:40 p.m. Oklahoma City (Midwest)
All of the Hawkeye state is watching. But those Jayhawks are too strong and too deep

11 Old Dominion vs. 3 Baylor; 3:45 p.m. New Orleans (South)
The Irish slayers get a shot at the Bears. So much Cinderella potential on Super Saturday

11 Washington vs. 3 New Mexico; 3:50 p.m. San Jose (East)
Interesting how traditionally-powerhouse conference team is big underdog in this one. Lobos will keep rolling

7 BYU vs. 2 Kansas State; 6 p.m. Oklahoma City (West)
Jimmer Fredette, this is your big Stephen Curry time. K-State will be a physical brute, though

9 Wake Forest vs. 1 Kentucky; 6:05 p.m. New Orleans (East)
This one's easy. Demon Deacons are still struggling, while Wildcats flexed 'em large in Round 1

SUNDAY, Mar. 21

8 Gonzaga vs. 1 Syracuse; 11:10 p.m. Buffalo (West)
Gee whiz, did the Orange look good Friday night. Zags don't have enough firepower to match

10 Georgia Tech vs. 2 Ohio State; 1:10 p.m. Milwaukee (Midwest)
Nice little win for the Yellow Jackets, but Mr. Evan Turner is just getting heated up

5 Michigan State vs. 4 Maryland; 1:30 p.m. Spokane (Midwest)
This pick no longer feels good. "The Lane Violation" has undoubtedly angered the Basketball Tournament Gods

10 Missouri vs. 2 West Virginia; 1:40 p.m. Buffalo (East)
"Hello, Officer? There's a fight breaking out at Perry Hill. Room 203. Friendly rivalry turned ugly."

12 Cornell vs. 4 Wisconsin; 1:50 p.m. Jacksonville (East)
Big Red versus Let's Go Red. Two interesting styles will clash; can Bucky's experience win out?

6 Xavier vs. 3 Pittsburgh; 3:50 p.m. Milwaukee (West)
Pitt one of the few top seeds to come out firing, start to finish against Oakland

5 Texas A&M vs. 4 Purdue; 4 p.m. Spokane (South)
Boilers still have many talented players. But tough second-rounder is where Hummel will be missed

8 California vs. 1 Duke; 4:15 p.m. Jacksonville (South)
Golden Bears looked awesome at times against L'ville; awful at others. Won't fly vs. Coach K

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