Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TNEA of the Month

Since I'm really more interested in having people check out my melancholy Sportsman of the Month, I'll just give this month's honor to someone who's overdue. Brooklyn Decker may be better known now as one of Sports Illustrated's top swimsuit models (excellent) or as Andy Roddick's wife (not so excellent...Murray's gonna drill you, dude), I'll always remember having first seen her as Paul Zimmerman's cute little sidekick on's weekly video feature "She Says, Z Says". Sadly, with Dr. Z recovering from a November stroke, the segment has been postponed indefinitely. I mean, that thing would have to bring in approximately 6 billion viewers now if they continued production.

The four-minute segments were pretty entertaining, chock-full of NFL picks - I mean, who doesn't love NFL picks? - and gave a damn gorgeous supermodel some real personality alongside one of the greatest football minds of our time. Some people may have found the feature cheesy and beneath "Dr. Z", but I loved it.

Here's a few photos of those two yammering around on the set...

...and one of the old videos. Some of the others are on YouTube but can't be embedded.

Now here's a, well, appropriate postable picture of Brooklyn...

...and, finally, a link to's complete 2009 gallery of the hottest woman alive. Don't wanna bring too much of that stuff on this family-friendly site, but knock yourselves out.

And again, please do check out the Sportsman of the Month above. Tragic stuff, but also very meaningful tributes.


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