Thursday, July 2, 2009

News and Views

Williams sisters to meet in Wimbledon final
Mr Williams: "Ok Venus, you already have 5 titles... lets let Serena win #3."

Shaq's Cavs plan: 'Win a ring for the King'
Ice those knees Shaq daddy... and we only need to see you for 30ish regular season games.

NASCAR owners balk at hiring Mayfield to race
Just going to be honest... I don't give a flip about NASCAR.

Gordon says Bulls never made him an offer
Really Ben? Don't cry and make this about Chi-town stiffing you. It's a recession, maybe they couldn't afford what you were going to ask.

Jets' Pace suspended 4 games for drug violation
Ya... totally buying that it was a supplement he "did not know violated the policy." Puhhhlease

Kim fires 62, sets record at AT&T In progress
Would love to see an AK vs. TW back 9 on Sunday.

Top Cuban pitching prospect Chapman defects
Charlie Steiner: "Follow me... follow me to Freedom!!!"

Donovan rips MLS teammate Beckham in book
Rightfully so, Donovan should be a role model with his work ethic. He was a beast in the Confederation Cup.

Thriller or Bad? CFL reviews player's MJ 'tribute'
Pretending to be buried???! Why not just go with a good ole' fashion Moonwalk?

Insider: The Longhorns' path to Pasadena
Gotta get through my Sooners... which won't happen this year. Why does ESPN focus on a championship run and have next to ZERO coverage of UT's star DE leaving the scene from a sure-fire DUI where he could have killed someone? If this happened to an Oklahoma player... its all over Sportscenter.

Have a safe and fantastic July 4th weekend.

Now excuse me why I start off the weekend celebration with a beer and watching Will Smith kill aliens.

Stay classy,


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