Sunday, June 27, 2010

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I could sit here and just pretend I have been a terrible co-blogger, but that would be disrespectful to AJ. I have failed you all, but I offer you this post and hope you will forgive me.

Germany smothers England | Refs miss goal
If you only read the first three words, you may get flashbacks to 1941. God Bless the World Cup, one of the only sporting events where headlines could be misinterpreted as describing a war.

Disputed goal helps Argentina upend Mexico
Its true, Tevez was wayyyy offsides, and Mexico fell apart after that goal. But come on... Argentina is far and away the better team and I'm pumped to see them against Germany.

Sources: Nets to court Wade, Bosh after LeBron
Nets to court Wade... because they have no shot at Chicago bound Bosh and Lebron. Got this from Bill Simmons: "48 hours ago had Lebron at _125 and Bosh at +300 to sign with the Bulls. Now? Both are -500." VEGAS NEVER LIES

Rays' Longoria: Spat with Upton is over with
Nobody cares. The Rays are falling faster than BP's stock.

Johnson uses force to win in Loudon | Blount
Nascar.... blah blah blah.... Nascar.... blah blah... speed... blah... cars.

Red Sox KO Lincecum | Martinez breaks thumb
BOSox are playing some great baseball but Pedroia and Martinez injuries could be costly in that division.

U.S. scatters from WCup | Kobe proud of effort
I'm so glad Kobe is proud of our World Cup effort. Maybe if he was on the pitch we would have gotten some calls.

Nadal says knee feels OK after practice session
Yikes... hate to see him hurting. Tennis is only fun when Federer and Nadal are running at near 100%

Branyan returning to Seattle in M's-Indians deal
Who? And its the Mariners... they stink.

Lakers' Jackson weighs Karl's illness in decision
Would love to see Jackson leave LA behind and go coach Lebron or something. I just like change. Too bad that wont happen.

Other notes:
As of writing this, my Texas Rangers have closed into 1/2 of a game of the Yankees for the best record in baseball. Oh and the Yankees are losing in the 8th right now. I'm just saying.... well I dont know what I'm saying. The Rangers have great team chemistry and are playing great... great baseball.
I'm rooting for Argentina in the World Cup, because they are incredible to watch. If they dont win it, it would be awesome to see a team from outside of South America and Europe win it. Never happened before. Ghana... Japan? Would be cool, probably not happening but I'll root for the underdog.

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