Friday, January 22, 2010

Championship Sunday Picks

Some interesting decisions went down this week. Here's the bracket (remember, selections were made in order of seeding)

Sunday, 2 p.m. CST, CBS
(2) Wyatt Tyler vs. (4) Ben Worgull
Minnesota Vikings (13-4) vs. New Orleans Saints (14-3)

Saturday, 5:40 p.m., FOX
(8) Jordan Chomko vs. (3) DJ Jarvis
New York Jets (11-7) vs. Indianapolis Colts (15-2)

Here's how I would have picked 'em:

1st PICK
Wyatt picks: Vikings
Though I understand Wyatt's feelings toward the old man playing quarterback, I would have gone Colts here. I have told anybody who'll listen that Indianapolis is going to win that game by three touchdowns. It's like we just forgot about how Peyton Manning hasn't lost a game this year, and how Mark Sanchez went 6-7 in the regular season where the other team was actively trying to beat him. That's right: the 9-7 Jets won the last two against JV opponents, and Sanchez didn't even travel for a win over the lowly Bucs. It's like we just forgot how the Colts have potentially the best quarterback of all-time on their side, and found ways to win games even when they weren't playing their best. Newsflash: Darrelle Revis cannot cover the entire field. Besides, all this fawning over the Jets' running game and defense; if they were so good, how come they lost to Buffalo - Buffalo, for chrissakes! - Miami, Jacksonville and Atlanta AT HOME? And we have the gall to think the Jets are just gonna waltz into the deafening RCA Dome and beat the undefeated Colts' varsity? Can you say EAST-COAST BIAS????????

Apologies to Bill Simmons, but the VP of Common Sense (in training) is coming through. This game won't be close. Brenner picks: Colts 34-13

2nd PICK
DJ picks: Colts
Can't blame DJ here. Smart pick. The only pick. Welcome to the Pick 'em Super Bowl, buddy. (By the way, DJ is our youngest competitor this year.)

3rd PICK
Worgull picks: Saints
Obviously, the only reasonable decision for Worgull here. Last week, I predicted that the Saints would win 28-27. I mean, Drew Brees and the Saints are making offensive football look like a very, very, very easy game right now. Like a kid playing Madden 2010 on Preschool mode. But they haven't seen a defense as aggressive as Minnesota's in a long time. And I can't forget my prediction during Divisional week, which was that New Orleans would shake off that rust for one last great performance at home before faltering. It's time to admit that Brett Favre is playing his best football, perhaps of his career. (Sorry, Green Bay fans. It sucks, I know.) Adrian Peterson is just about overdue for a monster game against the questionable New Orleans run defense, and those receivers are going to have a field day against New Orleans' secondary. Then again, so will the Saint pass-catchers against Minnesota's just-ok defensive backs. I think if Reggie Bush plays like the USC Reggie Bush again, like he did last weekend, then the Saints could ride that home-field advantage to a victory. But I'm going to go with Wyatt and his old man. Brenner picks: Vikings 28, Saints 27

4th PICK
Jordan gets: Jets
Well, it worked out last weekend, buddy. Maybe you'll get another big-time miracle.

Brenner's playoff pick 'em record: 3-5

What a great duo of games ... and just two weeks until Super Bowl weekend. Exciting times, indeed.


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