Friday, November 20, 2009

Power Rankings

Big 12:

1) Texas: Obvious choice, although I see them getting smoke by either SEC team and I think TCU gives them a run for their money.

2) Nebraska: Two bad losses and the rest of their resume looks really good.

3) Oklahoma State: Overcome injuries and suspension for a pretty good season.

4) Oklahoma: Looked bad against the Cornhuskers... then demolish the Aggies. Could jump to #3 with win in Bedlam game.

5) Texas Tech: Pirate should do well in a bowl game.

6) Missouri: Rollercoaster season for Pinkel.

7) Kansas State: Surprise story of the season. Just a few games could of gone the other way and this team could have won the north!

8) Iowa State: Kept most games close just couldnt finish most of them.

9) Kansas: A bad season got worse this week. I just hope Mangino doesn't eat anyone.

10) Aggies: Sure why not! Baylor and Colorado you can go fight for the title of Big-12 cellar team.


1) Colts: Undefeated and you cant give the ball to Payton with 2 minutes left..... EVER
2) Vikings: Most complete team in the league with just one blemish (some awful officiating)
3) Saints: Undefeated but injury bug is killing them.
4) Cincinnati: I cant believe I just made the Bengals a top-5 team.... but they deserve it.
5) Pittsburgh: A lot of teams at 6-3... gotta break the tie with the champs.
6) New England
7) Dallas
8) Chargers
9) Cardinals
10) Baltimore

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