Monday, May 25, 2009

The Return

I apologize for the lengthy absence. I have been quite busy as of late.

I struck a few poses. Ya that's right, finally a Meteorologist.

Also moved back home to Big-D (Dallas).

I want to congratulate AJ on the strong showing of his Nuggets against my Mavs... he nailed it right at 5 games. I was wrong... he was right. Let's move on.

I would love to talk basketball. Lebron is SICK... but if he doesn't get help then the Cavs are in trouble. Stav Van Gundy (SVG) is going old school Pistons basketball on Lebron... and it's working. The Magic play just rough enough to keep Lebron from willing his team to victory. However, I have a feeling the King will step up and bring an Eastern Conference championship to his kingdom in 7.

I think the Lakers hold off AJ's Nuggets in 7 as well. Then as I picked earlier this year... Cavs beat the Lakers because L.A. is too soft (minus Kobe).

Onto the subject I wanted to hit tonight. My Texas Rangers. In our MLB preview I picked them as the most underrated team... well right now they sit atop the American League right at .600 winning percentage. 8 games over .500. All of this and team MVP Josh Hamilton isn't even hitting .275 and hasn't reached 5 homeruns yet.

Every year our state gets excited for baseball. "The Rangers will make a run this year because they have the best hitters in the league." And "The pitching will be good enough because we will score 10 runs a game." Well news flash... it never works out. The Rangers haven't sniffed the playoffs in 10 years. Why? They never have starting pitching or a bullpen.

Well we finally brought in the legend himself Nolan Ryan to bring in some pitching talent. Well the pitching staff finally turned a corner. Sure its not a shut down rotation. 20th in MLB in team ERA is not so great. Worst in MLB as far as strikeouts go. Still not looking too good. But here are some good stats. Tied for third in walks allowed. 13th in earned runs. 1st in complete games with 5 so far this season. Tied for 2nd in saves.

The Rangers don't have great pitching, but some of those stats are skewed due to the Ballpark in Arlington being a hitter's yard. This year the pitching is good enough to make a run at the division. They are winning the close games they always lose (10-6 in one-run games). They are winning on the road (12-11) which they haven't been able to sustain in years.

I'm not saying the Rangers will win the division (2.5 games up on Angels right now), but they have Dallas excited about baseball again. They look good and they are fun to watch. I'm not a baseball fan, as I can't watch much of it on TV. Call me a bandwagon fan if you want, but I enjoy watching this Texas Rangers play ball.

Thats the first time in my life that I have said I enjoy watching baseball... and I hope its not the last.

Stay Classy,


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